We are Silveiro, we are multidisciplinary, we are much more than law.

Law is undergoing a profound transformation. We remain attentive to the evolution of society, to the needs and businesses of our clients.

Recently, without giving up the solid values cultivated in our long history, we started to reinvent our own business. We studied, looked for references and, with the support of an international consulting firm, we decided to move from a professional firm to a completely institutional framework. As a result, we have a new firm, new governance and a new compensation system, with aligned incentive vectors and at the service of a new strategy. A firm with a more integrated, collaborative and fluid performance among its practice areas, able to address even more complex projects, without scaling, specialization or territory restrictions. All this without giving up a law firm that provides customized solutions for the success of our clients’ businesses through a proactive stance and maximum professional delivery.

Our purpose is to provide legal certainty for clients to dare in their initiatives, generating development in an ethical and peaceful legal environment. We are multidisciplinary. We hold PhD, Master’s Degrees, and we have specialists, but we believe that legal solutions are, above all, business solutions. We don’t have an internship program. We have a “School of Law Practice” for you. Our work environment is democratic, diverse and friendly, encouraging entrepreneurship and constant personal development. We establish long-term partnerships. We are convinced that the success of our work comes from bonds of trust developed through true, transparent and, above all, human relationships.


Our Mission

  • Practice of law that generates efficient solutions for the success of clients’ businesses;
  • Proactive stance so that client perceives the maximum professional delivery..

Our Values

  • Absolute ethics and reliability
  • Selfless dedication to the client
  • Going to the root of the cause of the problems
  • Permanent search for quick, permanent and lower cost settlement
  • Integrated professionals and engaged in the results
  • Innovative approaches
  • Firm as a talent development platform

Our Purpose

  • Delight clients
  • Provide legal certainty for them to dare in their initiatives, generating social and economic development
  • Build an ethical and peaceful legal environment
São Paulo

55 11 3810.9800
Av. Faria Lima, 4221 – 16° andar – 04538-133

Porto Alegre

55 51 3027.8700
Av. Carlos Gomes, 258  • 9º andar • 90480-000