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Not an Internship Program, but a School of Law Practice.

What moves us

We don’t see interns just as interns: they are future lawyers and possible future partners. We care about providing a personal and professional learning environment, with continuous follow-up, evaluation and integration so that we can increasingly attract, retain and develop top interns: it’s a true School of Law Practice.

Venha estagiar com a gente.


Training and Differentiation

The unique internship program at Silveiro Advogados focuses on professional training and active engagement in supporting the definition of legal strategies and the writing of legal documents. The program sees a possible future partner in each intern from the very beginning. This mindset is reflected in our corporate structure, as most of the lawyers were once our interns. This is how Silveiro Advogados established itself as one of the largest and most traditional training centers for top professionals: it’s a true School of Law Practice. To celebrate our 60th Anniversary, once again demonstrating to the community our commitment to growth without losing the values that made us get here, we officially launched Escola da Advocacia João Carlos Silveiro (EAJCS), a School of Law Practice. The name is a tribute to the firm’s founder, a lawyer with an unblemished reputation, vast knowledge, and remarkable leadership in the business community.


To use the Firm’s values as guides for training interns, which are seen as future lawyers and future partners; To attract the best interns in the market, preferably undergoing all professional training in-house; To maintain a long-term program, with follow-up of the interns’ progress so that they can develop personally and professionally while being interested in staying in the Firm; To demonstrate once again to society that it is in the details that differentiated products are designed, such as the law services offered by Silveiro Advogados.

São Paulo

55 11 3810.9800
Av. Faria Lima, 4221 – 16° andar – 04538-133

Porto Alegre

55 51 3027.8700
Av. Carlos Gomes, 258  • 9º andar • 90480-000