A culture forged on solid roots.

Our origin.

The history of Silveiro Advogados begins more than half a century ago, in Porto Alegre, with its founder, João Carlos Silveiro, whose vocation awakened from an early age and originated this Brazilian traditional firm in Rio Grande do Sul. The dream of growing without losing the artisanal way of dealing with client demands has consolidated a structure of professionals trained in the culture of going to the root of the cause of the problem and always putting the clients’ interests first. The strict principles and the long experience put into practice in the fields of Law added to the visionary desire for perfection..

Silveiro Advogados listens, analyzes, researches, debates each case in depth and goes in search of the best solution, which has three pillars: selfless dedication, agility, and lower cost for the client. Contributing to the community’s quality of life is also part of Silveiro Advogados’ philosophy. The Firm is responsible, on a voluntary basis, for the work in founding important NGOs that are promoting silent revolution within the social scope, improving the lives of thousands of citizens

A word from our founder.

“We are convinced that the best results are associated with the strength with which we go to the root of our clients’ problems.”

João Carlos Silveiro (1933 – 2015) – Founder

“At the age of 17, I fulfilled an old dream when, in March 1951, I entered the Law School at UFRGS and, one month later, began an internship at a law firm, from which I never left. Silveiro Advogados was founded in 1956 and, today, has over 50 years of service. In more than half a century, I practiced the profession without interruption. Even when I taught Financial Law, when I was a judge in a Federal Court, or even when I was an officer of a Financial Institution and member of the Board of Directors of business groups and NGOs, I did not stop a single day being an active lawyer. Working in this area for so much time provided me with valuable teachings. I learned that Practice of Law is a profession that goes far beyond knowledge of the law and simple judicial and extrajudicial defense. Lawyers, in my opinion, must be an unrestricted advisor to their clients. Lawyers must not only be attentive to the clients’ words, but also to the real difficulties, including psychological ones, that the clients themselves sometimes ignores. Lawyers must also advocate for social peace, examining the reasons of the other party, settling disputes before bringing them into the overwhelmed Judiciary. They must also be an instrument for the economic development of the Nation, providing entrepreneurs with the necessary legal certainty to dare in their undertakings. I believe this is the only path to Lawyers to fulfill their mission. This understanding is the differential that I tried to imprint on the culture of Silveiro Advogados, which has been followed and improved by the partners who have been joining the team.

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