Brazilian Firm with global service.

Facilities and Services

From interconnected offices in Porto Alegre and São Paulo, and an international network of correspondents, we can provide global service. With more than 1,000 m², our facilities’ infrastructure is comprised of several meeting rooms, advanced communication systems, and a library with more than 4000 items that can be read online. Right now, the Firm is undergoing an advanced digital transformation, deploying new tools for technological integration among its professionals,

implementing work from home, electronic document management, and process automation through artificial intelligence. Physical and digital security is also a priority. We have successfully completed initial compliance measures with the General Data Protection Law (LGPD) and are constantly investing in awareness-raising campaigns and new resources to protect our operations and our clients’ data.

Tailored Service

We currently have almost 200 professionals who underwent training in Brazil and abroad, including on areas complementary to traditional legal knowledge. Like this, we are able to offer expert service according to any needs you may have, in any legal and economic scenario. Despite being a team of specialists in different fields of law, our priority is to achieve true smart collaboration, through synergistic service provision, seeking integrated solutions. Most of our professionals started their careers as interns in the Firm, where they are provided with a true School of Law Practice. Countless other initiatives still foster the so-called “Silveiro Culture”, forged over half a century of service and inspired by our founder.

Institutional Framework

We recently reviewed our business model, implementing a new governance and results-sharing framework, with the support of an international consulting firm. We started as a family firm more than 60 years ago, and we have already been operating as a professional firm in recent decades, but now we migrated to a truly institutional framework. Consequently, we have an even more solid and integrated organization: in terms of processes, infrastructure, and services. We also align our objectives of consolidating full-service operations throughout the Brazilian territory. Even in the face of so many changes, you will see no changes in our solid values, our culture of presenting multidisciplinary solutions for complex cases, and our condition of relying essentially on partner lawyers selflessly committed to the results of our clients.

São Paulo

55 11 3810.9800
Av. Faria Lima, 4221 – 16° andar – 04538-133

Porto Alegre

55 51 3027.8700
Av. Carlos Gomes, 258  • 9º andar • 90480-000