Corporate Governance.

Transparency and Integrity

We are guided by transparency

Our members have broad access to the managerial and organizational information and policies adopted in our Firm. Our career planning is based on the lockstep framework, and we use transparent criteria in performance evaluation and profit distribution, which includes all employees. Our accounts can be accessed by all partners and are disclosed monthly at our General Meeting of Partners. Our communication plan includes weekly information about the main decisions adopted by our Executive Committee.

We are guided by Integrity

Our Integrity Program is built on strict ethical standards that apply to all our members, vendors and partner companies, and can be checked in our Code of Conduct. We have a complete compliance framework that is comprised by the Ethics Committee, chaired by the Compliance Officer, the Privacy and Personal Data Protection Committee, chaired by the Data Protection Officer, and the Diversity Committee, chaired by the Chief Diversity Officer. Our whistleblower channel, which is available on our website, protects the anonymity of members and third parties and facilitates control of practices that do not comply with the rules of our Code of Conduct.

Access our Code of Conduct here (in Portuguese)

Code of Conduct

Human Rights, Diversity, and Social Responsibility

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Environment and Sustainability

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