Acting in all fields of the law.

High specialization with integrated performance.

Our firm provides specialized and integrated services, covering all fields of business law and additional multidisciplinary expertise, with a view to offering complete solutions to complex problems. We offer much more than law.

Administrative and Regulatory Law

We have a team with a wealth of experience with Government cases and a high rate of success in judicial and administrative proceedings, including before Accounting Courts. We offer strategic guidance and proposals for solutions focused on risk mitigation and cost-effectiveness for companies dealing with the Government. We have extensive experience in public-private partnerships, negotiations, and contracts regarding the use of public property.


Agrarian Law

We are prepared to deal with the current complex challenges associated with agribusiness, especially in the real estate sector; corporate structuring and asset management; taxation of the production chain and transactions in the sector; finding new means of financing; labor and environmental issues. Our experience includes family businesses, investment funds, and publicly traded companies located in a number of states.



Our culture is based on the search for friendly settlements as a way to better address the interests of our clients. We have a tradition of more than 30 years in the study and adoption of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, whether in arbitration, mediation, dispute boards, or other specialized administrative procedures. Our dispute resolution department has a vast track record in representing clients in arbitrations before the main international centers. The Firm also usually supports and participates in some of the main international arbitration moots, including competing with its own team of young professionals. Our digital law department was a pioneer in conducting alternative procedures involving trademarks and domain names on the Internet. The Firm also has lawyers with leadership positions or who are part of the arbitrators/mediators in renowned dispute resolution centers in Brazil and abroad.


Asset Management

We offer estate planning customized to the peculiarities of each case, taking into account all related aspects, such as tax costs, corporate issues, probate and family law, among others. We have decades of experience in advising family businesses with a view to succession for institutional management, including attention to the psychological aspects involved in these contexts. We have the support of professionals from the Firm specialized in other areas of law, such as Corporate, Tax, Procedural and Labor Law, providing clients with global solutions for their demands.


Business Investigations

Acting in internal investigations required the creation of a team with professionals from different practice areas, such as criminal, compliance, digital, competition, labor law, among others. We know that the correct investigation of suspicions or complaints is essential for the efficiency of compliance systems and for possible procedural use. Thus, it is not enough just to have answers, but they need to be legally valid in order, if necessary, to implement administrative and judicial procedures. In this way, our team supports the follow-up of investigations that seek to clarify deviations and irregularities that occurred within the companies, identifying responsible parties and gathering adequate evidence for the composition of evidentiary material to be used in any litigation or in the execution of conduct adjustment agreements or leniency agreements. The team has experts to investigate allegations of fraud, corruption, moral and sexual harassment, work accidents, money laundering, information security incidents, such as intentional leakage of personal data, and other confidential information, insider trading, anticompetitive practices, environmental crimes, breach of contracts, tax offenses, among others. 


Capital Markets

The capital markets department has a highly specialized multidisciplinary team, with extensive experience and solid legal training in this subject. Our services cover complex capital market structures, encompassing tax and corporate governance issues. Through the development of innovative investment structures, we participate in sophisticated operations related to public and private issue of debentures, promissory notes (NPs), bank credit notes (CCB), and securitization operations, mainly including real estate receivables certificates (CRI) and agribusiness receivables certificates (CRA).


Crisis Management

We act in a multidisciplinary way in the prevention and management of crises and incidents of different natures, including from the perspectives of compliance, digital and criminal law. Emphasis on building resilience through preventive action, assessment and adequate coping with risks. Construction of incident prevention and response plans and support in structuring the Crisis Committee. Specialization and robust experience in handling cyber incidents and digital crises.



We have a team with experience in the implementation and review of Compliance management systems according to ISO standards, offering solutions for assessment, monitoring and responsiveness to business risks. The programs aim for our clients to develop their economic activities safely and conduct their operations within a policy of adherence to ethical and regulatory standards, preventing risks, adding value to their reputation in the market and, consequently, to the goods and services they offer. Complementary performance of reference in data governance.


Competition Law

Advisory and litigation support, including in administrative proceedings before CADE.


Consumer Law

We have robust experience in consumer disputes, including collective actions, with outstanding performance in the retail, financial, automotive, services and products for civil construction, shopping mall and real estate sectors. Our work focuses on the particularities of each situation and on a long-term and cost-effective managerial strategic evaluation for the client, including the search for settlement, aiming at minimizing the number of actions. We map and act in lawsuits throughout the Brazilian territory, with an emphasis on identifying critical points, main causes, risks involved and best estimate for provisions, providing complete information for clients to make strategic decisions.



We have teams capable of taking on actions related to corporate contracts from the companies’ legal departments. Starting from a successful methodology of work provided in a collaborative, available and standardized way, our clients find a quick and qualified solution for these actions. We also believe that, in order to examine a corporate contract, it is necessary to know the culture, processes, and especially the activities developed by our clients, and this training is an essential part for new talents in this practice area.


Corporate Law

Corporate Law and asset management are at the origin of our firm, as our founder João Carlos Silveiro was one of the pioneers in such fields. Currently, we operate under different prisms (full service), delivering innovative solutions in complex cases. We work in outstanding processes of conversion of family businesses into institutional businesses, including multidisciplinary approaches, in addition to merely legal action. We understand the impact of legal decisions on companies’ operational processes, acting with a strategic and business focus, with a concern to avoid litigation.


Criminal Law

We work in an artisanal way, with full and very personal dedication to each client. We aim at protecting guarantees and fundamental rights, as well as preserving the image of our clients. We promote advisory support by preparing opinions and preventive measures aimed at reducing the risk of criminal liability; and litigation support, at all procedural stages, in the representation of suspects, defendants or victims.


Data Protection/LGPD

Our expertise in this field comes from more than 20 years of professional experience, including pioneering certification – with distinction – by the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA), in Maastricht, the Netherlands. Our team has lawyers with international professional and academic training, including the USA, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, the Netherlands, and Argentina. We lead more than 80 LGPD compliance projects for some of the largest Brazilian companies, as well as multinational companies. Additionally, through social action, we have already qualified more than 1000 people to act as data protection officers.



We were pioneers and are reference in protecting companies’ initiatives in digital media or in the face of the challenges brought by information technology. We offer specialized digital crisis prevention and management services, focused on cyber incidents. Our team has lawyers with international professional and academic training, including the USA, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, the Netherlands, and Argentina.



We have expertise and extensive experience in supporting cultural initiatives, including leadership positions in entities such as Fundação Bienal do Mercosul and Fundação Iberê Camargo. We protect the intellectual property of our clients, in Brazil and abroad, and we prepare all types of contracts necessary for the exploitation of intangible assets and for the viability of cultural actions. We were pioneers and we are especially focused in acting on the Internet and digital media. In the Sports field, we support large soccer clubs and have professionals who occupy leading positions in specialized courts. We also have special emphasis on labor aspects related to Sports Law.


Environmental Law

We support our clients’ initiatives – especially in the industrial and agribusiness segments – to reduce the environmental impact of their activities and comply with legislation. We work in environmental and preventive advisory, and in administrative and judicial proceedings, including in the criminal scope.



Our Firm is notable for providing legal advice pro bono for the establishment and operation of some of the most important third sector institutions and NGOs. We offer specialized support in environmental law and compliance, including data governance.



We support national development through specialized advice to public and private companies and the preparation of legal instruments that support infrastructure initiatives. We are highly specialized in alternative solutions for complex businesses, including arbitration, mediation, and dispute boards. We support public-private partnerships and advise on investment operations from abroad.



We have a multidisciplinary team made up of professionals with academic expertise and extensive experience in corporate restructuring and court-supervised reorganization. We provide legal advice in court-supervised reorganization and bankruptcy proceedings throughout Brazil. We operate based on a strategic and business vision to advise our clients to seek legal, financial, and economic alternatives to overcome the crisis and insolvency case, allowing the company to rebuild itself. We also defend creditors’ interests and the recovery of their claims from companies undergoing court-supervised reorganization or bankruptcy proceedings.


Intellectual Property

We have more than 25 years of international experience in Intellectual Property. We were pioneers and are reference in protecting intellectual property in digital media or in the face of the challenges brought by information technology. Our team is known for our strong international credentials (including LL.M., postgraduate studies, certifications, and work experience in the United States, Argentina, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands). We protect our clients’ intellectual property through advisory and strategic guidelines, registrations in Brazil and in more than 100 other countries, and administrative, judicial or arbitration proceedings.


Investment Funds

The investment funds department has a highly specialized multidisciplinary team, with extensive experience and solid legal training in this subject. Our services cover complex investment fund structures, encompassing tax and corporate governance issues. Our professionals are engaged in the structuring and implementation of complex operations involving investment funds and their offerings. Such deals involve credit receivables investment funds (FIDC), non-standardized receivables investment funds (FIDC-NP), equity investment funds (FIP), real estate investment funds (FII), investment funds in agro-industrial production chains (FIAGRO), multimarket investment funds (FIM) and stock investment funds (FIA), among others.


Judicial Litigation

We provide high performance in complex conflict solutions with the best cost-benefit for our clients. We have more than 60 years of experience, with a successful track record in actions before the Judiciary throughout Brazil. We provide strategic guidance strictly linked to the cost-benefit analysis, according to the client’s business, for effective and lasting solutions. We have special emphasis on the prevention and quick resolution of the dispute, with specialized lawyers to act in the negotiation phase, in the mediation and in the search for out-of-court solutions.


Labor Law

We have extensive experience in guiding and drafting individual and collective labor contracts, as well as advising on individual and collective agreements and collective bargaining. We provide preventive advisory and judicial and administrative litigation in all instances. Personalized service, with artistry, even in mass processes. Multidisciplinary approach, with the support of a team of medical, accounting and technical experts.


Life Sciences and Health Care

The Life Sciences and HealthCare area has the expertise of a partner specialized in Bioethics and Biolaw, with academic and professional activities also in Civil Law and Civil Procedure, essentially in civil liability and personality rights, which guarantees the multidisciplinary vision that the nuances of the area require.

In addition to the track record in sensitive cases – liability for serious side effects of medications, medical and hospital liability, among others – the area is constantly updated and in contact with the most recent academic research in the national and international scenarios.


M&A / Private Equity

Our M&A practice advises national and international companies in both the purchase and sale of equity interests during all phases of negotiations, whether in transactions involving transfer of control or joint ventures. With a history of almost 70 years, we assist our clients through collaborative work involving the most diverse areas of law, including tax and competition aspects related to the structuring of operations from the simplest to the most complex that require corporate reorganizations or approval by government authorities. In venture capital and private equity, our team has an extensive track record, advising funds, investee companies and/or investors in their investments and divestitures.


Management of Legal Departments

We have professionals who are entirely familiar with all aspects of the routine of a legal department, which results in differentiated services for clients who wish to assign part of their legal tasks to our Firm. We maintain permanent contracts for the management of the portfolio of judicial and administrative proceedings, establishing regular contact with the contracted firms. We have experience in defining and implementing contingency and provisions policy. As a consultancy, we help our clients to implement a secure routine of submission, analysis, and approval of corporate contracts.


Probate and Family

We have over half a century of experience, high academic training and personalized service together with other legal expertise. We offer personalized service, with an emphasis on dispute prevention and strategic guidance for the out-of-court solution of conflicts. We have a special focus on estate planning customized to the peculiarities of each case, taking into account all related aspects, such as tax costs, corporate issues, among others. We work with the support of professionals from the Firm specialized in complementary areas of law, such as Corporate, Tax, Procedural and Labor Law, providing clients with global solutions for their demands.


Real Estate Law

We offer legal and business solutions for real estate operations throughout the country. We have solid experience in real estate operations throughout Brazil, providing services to large, multinational, and foreign companies. We provide strategic guidance strictly linked to the cost-benefit analysis, according to the client’s business, for effective and lasting solutions. Possibility of global service, in synergy with specialized areas such as Corporate, Environmental, Paralegal, Litigation, Tax, Administrative, and Family.



We support the formation and institutionalization of new businesses, with special emphasis on corporate, contractual, and intellectual property aspects. We advise all levels and stages of investment in companies, from their foundation to the decision of going public. We were pioneers in digital law, being able to advise on the protection of innovation and technological developments, in Brazil and abroad.


Shopping Malls

Our multidisciplinary team has advised Shopping Mall undertakings in all phases of the business, from legal support in the acquisition of the land, as well as in its equity structure and corporate organization, including when coupled with a multipurpose complex with commercial and residential buildings, which require special regulations because of their interdependence. We also advise on the legal preparation of the special condominium agreement, lease instruments, accessory agreements and general rules related to the enterprise. We also manage the entire litigation sphere of the enterprise, advising enterprises and sometimes the condominium itself, whether in actions arising from the tenancy relationship, such as eviction actions, renovations, revisions, enforcements, rendering of accounts, collective actions, as well as in relation to the operation of the Shopping Mall, such as indemnities and collections.


Strategic and Highly Complex Advocacy

Our specialty is dealing with highly complex issues, whether in advisory cases or in dispute resolution. We can address projects without restrictions of size, specialization or territory. We essentially seek to offer customized solutions, providing legal certainty for clients to be bold in their initiatives. We believe that legal solutions are, above all, business solutions. Thus, we offer not only a full-service approach – covering all fields of Law – but also a multidisciplinary approach, by professionals trained in complementary fields of knowledge.


Tax Law

We operate in the field of strategic advisory through legal and tax advice in economic operations of the most diverse levels of complexity, as well as in the litigation field, in complex cases, through the construction of consistent and exclusive reasons for the defense of our clients. We offer tax planning in corporate businesses (joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, and consolidations), in addition to Strategic Tax Management to reduce the tax burden, with cost/benefit analysis and preventive guidance. We work beyond the law, together with auditing and accounting professionals.



We have extensive experience in full service for clients in the telecommunications sector, whether telephone services, fiber optics, radio base stations and towers, supply chain vendors, Cloud and IoT services, as well as streaming and television. It is a highly regulated sector, both from the point of view of authorization for the development of the activity by the client, as well as for the delivery of the product or service to the clients. Our team has the necessary knowledge to apply the most varied topics of law to the peculiarities of this sector.


Trade Union Relations

We believe that collective bargaining is one of the most important instruments of Labor Law, enabling negotiated solutions compatible with the reality of each productive activity. We have extensive experience in conducting collective bargaining and union relations, working with a focus on preventing liabilities and mitigating risks. Our professionals work in the various stages of the collective bargaining procedure, such as employers’ meetings in which the demands of the working classes are reviewed and clauses of interest of the economic category are approved, as well as in the creation and preparation of negotiation groups, participating in the negotiation tables and drafting the instruments accordingly. We also offer advice to companies in the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements, providing personalized and practical solutions.


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